Bird Watching
in Carroll County Illinois

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Eagle Watching in Carroll County Illinois Carroll County is "Country"

And if you are an avid bird watcher, where else to see an abundance of birds.  If you are camping at the Mississippi Palisades State Park or staying at one of our nearby lodging establishments, the country is just outside your door.



Birds of Carroll County Illinois

Palisades State Park

Around the Mississippi Palisades State Park and the Mississippi River, you can find up to 190 different species of birds, a perfect breeding area for nearly 100 species of birds. The main blacktop road runs through the park from the North end by the campground to the South entrance. The North end also leads into the Mississippi Palisades State Park campgound.   In the park there are nine hiking trails, totaling 13 miles. The five north trails are fairly easy to hike. The four south trails are moderate to difficult for hiking. During March and April and again October through November, you can see many species of waterfowl and other water birds that rest here in the backwater habitats during migration. You can view these ducks from any of the five overlooks.

Product ImageSome of the birds you can see are: American White Pelicans, Snow and Canada Geese, and ducks, including Northern Pintail, Northern Shoveler, Gadwall, American Wigeon, Canvasback, Common Goldeneye, Bufflehead, and Common Merganser; migrating Osprey, Bald Eagle, Northern Harrier, Cooper’s Hawk, Northern Goshawk, Red-shouldered Hawk, Broad-winged Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon; and 35 species of migrating warblers; breeding herons and Egrets, Wild Turkey, Turkey Vulture, Whip-poor-will, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Hairy and Pileated Woodpeckers, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Eastern Wood-Pewee, Veery, Scarlet Tanager, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Indigo Bunting, Eastern Towhee, wintering Purple Finch, Red and White-winged Crossbills, Common Redpoll, Pine Siskin, and Evening Grosbeak.


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